Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dan Perez (Comedy Hypnotist) LIVE at Lizard's (Fri., Aug. 26)

On Friday, August 26, Dan Perez will be coming to Huntsville! He will be performing his comedy hypnotism routine at Lizard's (1231 Josey). If you have never been to a show like this, it is something worth checking out. Basically, Dan will choose members from the audience to hypnotize. You get to sit there and laugh at your friends while they do silly things.

Tickets are on sale at Lizard's for $8 each - or $6 with a student ID. You can also purchase tickets online here:

To see the event page on Facebook, click here.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Aftermath: The Sweetsops at Lizards!

It was Beatlemania last night at Lizard’s!

Previously known as The Dellciples, currently known as The Sweetsops, and soon to be known as something else, The Sweetsops are a group of very talented musicians who together know how to rock The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and a variety of other artists that the crowd—okay mostly Ray and I—shouted for them to play. The keyboardist and singer, Jimmy Dell, even knew a little Jem and that is TRULY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

Admittedly, the crowd was skeptical before they went on. The Lizard’s crowd is a brutally honest bunch and is not easily impressed—especially by a band claiming to be able to handle the task of tackling The Beatles.

I had faith in my friend and Robert Pattinson’s best friend one night in Houston, Shane Burke, who helped to bring the band to Huntsville, but no one else did... that is until they began playing.  I exaggerate my excitement and love for things quite often, but with ZERO exaggeration I would like it to be known that The Sweetsops are the BEST band I’ve ever seen play in Huntsville, Texas.

(REAL picture that I am not ashamed of stealing since every other media outlet already did it first! So jealous!)

It is hard for me to write about bands, because I’m not exactly musically educated, and I can’t even pretend to know what I am talking about when it comes to beats being on or off, tempo, chords, and so on. I judge music by whether or not my ears enjoy what they are hearing. Last night, they definitely enjoyed what they heard—two ears up from me!

I was definitely NOT the only who enjoyed them, though.  People who came in for the pool and not for the band, quit playing and got closer to the stage to listen. Couples were dancing and EVERYONE was having a good time last night.

(The Band)

(The fans)

Check out our Hey, Huntsville Facebook page for many more pics from last nights show. If you missed it last night, rest assured they WILL be back to Huntsville in the near future, and maybe we will get some raptastic beats from Texass! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Thursday (July 14): Pool parties, free food, singing, cheap booze, and BINGO!

Thursdays in Huntsville have been busy lately, and this Thursday is no different. There's a ton of stuff to do, so there's something for everyone!

3p - 7p: The Forum is having their weekly pool party. This thing always includes free food from a different restaurant, so be sure to check it out. Click here to see the Facebook event page.

4p - 8p: The Grove is hosting a bikini/hard body contest. Everyone is invited, so you do not have to be a resident to enter. There will be prizes awarded from Unique Tan & Iron Works. Event page: Click here.

5p: The Arbors is hosting an event called "Sweets & Treats." They will have free refreshments and a cupcake eating contest. The winner will receive a gift card to 3 Spoons - Huntsville's awesome new frozen yogurt restaurant. Event flier: Click here.

9a - 12a: The Connection is hosting an event called "Midnight Madness" all day until midnight. If you tour their property, you get an entry into their drawing for a Vespa scooter. If you sign a lease, you get 5 entries. There will also be free food and drinks. Event page: Click here.

7p - 10p: Variety Sounds will be hosting karaoke at Margarita's (630 I-45 S). This is the final week they will be hosting at Margarita's for the summer, so if you enjoy it and want them back, let the managers at Margarita's know! Hopefully, we'll see them back after school starts this coming semester. Event page: Click here.

7p - 10p: DoubleDave's PizzaWorks has its weekly open mic with host Jarrod Sterrett. Great music with good people, 50 cent wings, 50 cent Lone Star beer, and $1.50 margaritas.

8p - 10p: Lizard's has its weekly BINGO night. It is free to play, and you win free drinks. Winners also enter their names into a drawing to be held in August for cash prizes. Event page: Click here.

If you have an event you would like us to talk about, email us at!

The Sweetsops LIVE at Lizard’s! July 15th, 2011 at 10:00pm

The Sweetsops LIVE
July 15th at 10:00pm
1231 Josey St.
Huntsville, TX 77340

 Let It Be known!

Lizard’s is working hard to bring new bands to Huntsville, Texas! This Friday, The Sweetsops, a Beatles cover band all the way from Houston, will be making their way to Huntsville to perform some classic Beatles tunes! Since we love us some Beatles, we are very excited about this show!

So, after A Hard Day’s Night from working Eight Days a Week, why don’t you travel Across the Universe (or to Lizard’s), and Come Together for the Sweetsops THIS Friday! And um, I Am the Walrus!

Visit the event page on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Lizard's is currently looking for bands to fill in available Friday spots in the upcoming weeks. If you are in a band or know of any bands that would be interested in performing at Lizard's, then you should email TODAY!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


July 14th, 4:00pm -8:00pm
The Grove Apartments
2101 Sycamore Ave.
Huntsville, TX 77340

We love all of these pool parties!
On July 14th, The Grove is having a pool party and EVERYONE is invited! For those confident guys and gals, they are also going to have a Bikini and Hard Body Contest! Sign up in the office TODAY! The top three girls and the top three guys all win prizes!
After the pool party, there will be plenty to do around Huntsville since it is Thursday night! So get wet, put on your bikinis and speedos (NOT IT), and then clean up and go out on the town!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mondays = Pool Tournament, 75 Cent Hotdogs, and Karaoke!

What is there to do in town on Mondays?

Believe it or not, there are actually a few things to do on Monday nights!
Lizard’s has a Pool Tournament every Monday night! The entry is $10. First place gets 70% of the pot and the second place gets 30%. Drink special is $1.50 well vodka. Click HERE to see the Facebook event page.

Next door to Lizard’s, Murskis always has its 75 cent hotdogs and discounted longnecks. That makes it a good pre-game spot before the pool tournament!

If you are into singing, Time Out has its $100 karaoke contest every Sunday and Monday night! Sign-up begins at 8:00pm and the contest usually begins at 9:30pm. It sometimes starts later depending on how many participants sign-up. Also, a LOT of people show up late so don’t be surprised if there are only a few people there at 8:30pm and a packed house by 10:00pm. From our past experience, the most points are earned from audience participation and NOT by the best singer. Good for us since we CAN’T sing!

If you know of anything else happening on Monday nights, PLEASE let us know! Email us at or visit our Facebook page HERE!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rock Monster LIVE at Lizard's!

ROCK MONSTER Live at Lizard's
July 8th, 2011
10pm until 1:00pm

What's cooler than a Rock Lobster? How about a ROCK MONSTER! After the success of their show last month, Rock Monster is now the offical house band of Lizard's. Unless something happens (like 4th of July weekend), expect to see Rock Monster play the first Friday of every month! Also, the upstairs will be OPEN!

There is no cover for this event. See the Facebook event page here: Click me!
Rock Monster is: Ray Nepveux, Chris Hale, Martin Shirk, and Robbie Williams.

Add the new Lizard's Facebook page to see other upcoming events: Click here.