Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aftermath: Dan Perez @ Lizard's

This past Friday, we checked out comedy hypnotist Dan Perez, who put on a show at Lizard's. Well, first, we checked out Emmie's Eatery, which was parked outside of Lizard's. They have a variety of awesome foods, and with any luck, we'll catch them outside of Lizard's more often.
Dan chose members from the audience to hypnotize. The participants received suggestions and acted out different scenarios. He kept the audience's attention and everyone seemed to have a good time and a lot of laughs.
If you missed the show, no worries! Dan Perez intends to come back to Huntsville in the future. Keep up with us on Facebook for event info for Huntsville and the surrounding areas.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time Out Sports Bar: 80's Karaoke Celebration

80's Karaoke Celebration
Tuesday, August 30th at 7:00pm
Time Out Sports Bar
Click HERE for Directions

Put on your leg warmers, jelly shoes, neon clothing, and SPRAY that hairspray... and don't forget to ACCESSORIZE or rather "EXCESSORIZE." Time Out Sports Bar is having an 80's party TONIGHT!

There will be prizes handed out that will most likely go to the people with the best costumes and the best singers. People will be encouraged to (or must?) sing songs from the 80's. Think Cher, Madonna, Journey, and of course,  Huey Lewis and the News.

The official event page, created by The Groves Apartments, is located HERE.

Drink specials are only from 7:00pm -8:00pm.

The following may inspire you with costume ideas. Or scare you away!

(Hair Metal/Glam Rock)

(Aerobics outfit)

(The Lost Boys!)

(The Golden Girls)

Man... that eighties fashion sure was OUT OF THIS WORLD:
And um...Bubble Yum keeps it poppin'!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thoreau Woods Coffeehouse: Bill Ward with Alexander Anderson Opening

Bill Ward with Alexander Anderson Opening
Thoreau Woods Coffeehouse 
144 E. Mosley Lane, 
Huntsville TX  77340. 

Saturday, September 17th at 7pm 
About Bill Ward (Thanks Pam Johnson for the description!):

Bill has penned over 300 compositions, ranging from folk to jazz, country to classical, and rock to reggae. Bill's 1991 album, William is our Name is still enjoying airplay in the U.S., Russia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Canada, and on Willie Nelson & friends OUTLAW FOR PEACE show airing worldwide on 'RADIO FOR PEACE INTERNATIONAL . His songs have been recorded by a host of artists as well as being picked up by Warner-Chappel Music and Phil Collins Hit and Run Music

Although Bill draws inspiration from many styles of music, he is a folk singer/songwriter in the truest sense of the term. His songs illustrate the plight of common folk from every walk of life, whether it's the unending struggles of the American Indian or the unfortunate reality of the drug pusher on your local street corner, his music conveys a message. Like a painter with a brush and canvas, he portrays vivid, haunting pictures of our lives, past, present and future. As you close your eyes and listen, you can feel the Texas Hill Country wind on your face and recall fond childhood dreams of growing up to be a cowboy, Whether its a slow waltz or a driving rock song, Bill captures the hearts and minds of his listeners time and time again with his dynamic stage presence, gripping prose and unforgettable melodies.

Bill's songs are intelligent, down to earth portraits that capture the very soul of his audience. Each picture he paints is an insight into life, born from his diverse background and keen eye for the triumphs and tragedies that are so much a part of our everyday lives.

About Thoreau Woods Coffeehouse: 

Thoreau Woods Coffeehouse hosts an eclectic blend of acoustic singer-songwriters in a smoke free, family friendly environment.  Hot and cold drinks and baked goods are available during each show. Suggested donation is $10, $5 students & seniors.  

For more information contact: 
Pam Johnson at (936) 661-4313
Click HERE to see website! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rave For the Cure Kick Off Pool Party at The Forum

Rave for the Cure 2011 Official Pre Party 
The Forum Pool
Friday August 26th 3:00pm-8:00pm

(Official Flier)

Starting at 3:00pm, Rave2Save Weekend will be kicking off at the Forum Pool with FIVE HOURS of nonstop electro, house, dubstep, and hip hop!

There will also be a LFG hosted 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, giveaways including an Xbox 360 with Kinect, Flat Screen TV, and an Ipad 2.

Don't have a car? NO PROBLEM! The Forum Shuttle will be available to take you to and from campus!

There will ALSO be Free Food provided by McKenzie's BBQ!

Don't for get this is a PRE-Party for the much bigger function that is happening tomorrow. Click HERE to read more about Rave for the Cure 2011.

REMINDER: Dan Perez (Comedy Hypnotist) TONIGHT at Lizards!

This evening, Dan Perez will be coming to Huntsville! He will be performing his comedy hypnotism routine at Lizard's (1231 Josey). If you have never been to a show like this, it is something worth checking out. Basically, Dan will choose members from the audience to hypnotize. You get to sit there and laugh at your friends while they do silly things.

Tickets are on sale at Lizard's NOW for $8 each - or $6 with a student ID. You can also purchase tickets online here:

To see the event page on Facebook, click here.

Stick around after Dan Perez, because there will ALSO  be live music by Queen Anne's Revenge! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Karaoke with LongShot at the Sam Houston Post 95 American Legion!

Karaoke with LongShot
Sam Houston Post 95 American Legion
Click HERE to get directions
Thursdays and Saturdays starting at 7:30pm

If you have been missing karaoke at Zach's with Mona Peck and Terry Batson of LongShot Karaoke ever since their karaoke nights on Saturdays were put on hold (despite the fact that many people went on Saturdays specifically for the karaoke), then they are back on Thursdays and Saturdays at the American Legion!

Join them at the American Legion every Thursday and Saturday.

According to their website, the American Legion is  a "not-for-profit community-service organization which now numbers nearly 3 million members, men and women, in nearly 15,000 American Legion posts worldwide." View their website HERE.

Karaoke with Variety Sounds at Margarita's

Variety Sounds at Margaritas

Thursdays · 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Margarita's Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

Variety Sounds is BACK at Margarita's! Since school is back in session, that means Thursday nights with Variety Sounds at Margaritas is also back on!
Don’t worry—DoubleDave’s will still feature its karaoke nights with Variety Sounds on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, this is an opportunity to have a karaoke night with Variety Sounds in a more “adult friendly” atmosphere. 

Click HERE to see who else is planning to go and RSVP today!

The Last Great Assault: Returns to Double Dave’s (08/27/11)

The Last Great Assault
Double Dave’s
August 27th, 2011 at 8:30pm

The Last Great Assault will be returning to Double Dave’s THIS Saturday. Go for the yummy pizza and stay for the great music!

The Last Great Assault has played multiple times in practically every music venue in Huntsville and the surrounding areas, and the band was even a part of Warped Tour a couple of years ago. Slumber Party Theater interviewed them in 2008 and it’s still on the Internet! Watch it HERE.

Click HERE to visit their Myspace and HERE for a sample of more of their music and music videos. If you are in town this Saturday, you should definitely go and check this out!

DoubleDave's also features Karaoke with Variety Sounds on Tuesday and Fridays and Open Mic Nights with Jarrod Sterrett on Thursdays.

Aftermath: Byrd and Street and Drew Lopenzina at the Throeau Wood's Coffeehouse (08/20/11)

Last Saturday, August 20th, Drew Lopenzina opened for Byrd and Street at the Thoreau Woods Coffeehouse.  

I'd never been to Thoreau Wood's Coffeehouse before Saturday. Given its name, I was expecting to find a small cottage in the forest near a pond. Once passed the new houses that line the street that the Thoreau Woods Coffeehouse is located on, it really did feel like a building nestled in the woods.It was definitely a transcendental experience driving into the parking lot. 

(Sign at the entrance)
The building was very nice. I didn't take many pictures of the inside, but here is a picture of the outside:

Once inside, I paid the "suggested" donation price, and then waited for Drew Lopenzina to begin his performance.

With his blue backwards cap, T-shirt, and jeans, Drew Lopenzina emitted an air of confidence before, and even more so, after he began to perform. Despite being an English professor, he actually looked, dare I say, cool on stage. It's hard to describe his vocals without using overused adjectives such as "moody," "smooth," and "appealing."
(A bottle of water enjoying Drew Lopenzina's performance)
His music was edgier than what I would describe as traditional folk music. He describes it as being "Folk-Rock & Roll" music. The best way to actually understand what I am talking about is by listening to his music for yourself. His most recent free CD is currently sold out, but more will most likely be available again soon upon request.  
"Girl, you are just one cell phone call away," is a line from his song, "Cut and Shoot," which is inspired by the town of the same name. The song is a about a man whose car breaks down in the town one night as he is driving home. 

This song stuck in the head of one audience member, James Patton, who looked up the true meaning of the name. According to his source, the name was inspired by a declaration of a young boy, who said "I'm going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute!" during a town confrontation. There are various versions of the story behind the confrontation, but this quote remains the same in most of the stories.

(The man with the knowledge, James Patton)

You can listen to "Cut and Shoot"  by clicking HERE. A few of his other songs are available on the same site.
Drew Lopenzina's performance ran a few minutes long, and he was stopped from playing his last song. I wish he had been able to finish his performance on the song that he wanted to end on, because I know that I was definitely NOT the only one in the crowd who wanted him to continue with one more song.
After a short break, the featured act, Byrd and Street, began.  I already wrote about the background history of Byrd and Street HERE, so I will refrain from repeating myself. They both have a very impressive music background.
This band had a more traditional folk sound than Lopenzina. Tom Byrd introduced every song with the origin story of each song. I found each story to be just as enjoyable as the song that followed.
(Kathy Street and Tom Byrd)
"All of our songs are based on true stories... I think," said Byrd towards the beginning of his performance. I think, that I believe him. Each story that he told felt real, and they enhanced my feelings for each song.
My favorite story was the one that he told for the song “A Long Line of Love.” The song was inspired by a letter he found written by his great grandfather. The letter, that Byrd described as one really long sentence with many spelling and grammatical errors, was a love letter that his grandfather had written to a woman who was engaged to another man. The woman, who his grandfather painstakingly professed his love to, turned out to be Byrd’s grandmother. They married two years after the letter was written.
(My camera's flash battling with another camera's flash)
Brian Kalinec also performed with Byrd and Street. I've listened to his CD a couple of times since Saturday. Listening to his CD, Last Man Standing, while cleaning actually turned washing dishes into a pleasant experience. You can listen to his music by clicking HERE.

(Brian Kalinec)

I enjoyed both of the performances last Saturday, and I look forward to going to the Thoreau Woods Coffeehouse for future shows. It nice to see that there is a venue in town that caters to folk music.

You can view their schedule of upcoming performers by clicking HERE. I'm especially looking forward the opening acts of John Guedry and also Gene Young. I am biased towards people I personally know make great music. =)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Avenue L Coffee House has changed locations!

Avenue L has changed locations! It is now located at 1215 Sam Houston Avenue (between the Donut Wheel and the Courthouse). I have yet to see the new location, but from what I've heard, this new venue is a much larger building. However, its move closer to Downtown Huntsville means that there is less parking. Good thing that a little walking is good exercise!

Since Avenue L is strictly volunteer based, the hours of operation have yet to be determined. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, there is a Volunteer Interest Meeting on Monday, August 29th at 8:00pm. Their Open Mic Night will still most likely be on Thursdays at 8:00pm. The expected date to re-open is September 6, 2011, but that is subject to change.

If you have never been to Avenue L Coffee House, it is a non-alcoholic venue that regularly features live music (usually Indie/Folk/8bit electronic hardcore punk such as Yatagarasu), coffee, art, free Wi-Fi, and trendy people.

Good luck with your new location, Avenue L!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Aftermath: Arthur Yoria at Lizard's (08/19/11)

Bilingual singer-songwriter, Arthur Yoria, performed at Lizard’s last Friday!

You may have heard his music on TV shows like The OC, Felicity, or Laguna Beach, or in major films such as National Lampoon’s Adam and Eve or Breaking Dawn. His songs have also been heard in several commercials. He has performed all over the country, various places in Europe, and even in his parent’s home country, Columbia.   

His music and lyrics are both catchy and clever. I could quote almost all of his songs to prove this point… but I won’t be doing that. =)

I did, however, especially enjoy the lyrics to the song “I Pretend” from his 2003 album, I’ll Be Here Awake. This song begins as follows:
I begin As you come in
It seems as though there's
Something wrong again
In the room
And on the bed
Somehow it tasted sweeter in my head

I can't explain myself tonight
But if you've seen my type around
To waste your time with them
Don't cry,
I'll pretend.

There was something about the cynicism and honesty in these lyrics that I really liked. Arthur Yoria has a lot of songs, and as I listened to them I continued to be stimulated by the lyrics in various ways. He began releasing EP’s and albums starting in 2001, and so far, there is a combination of nine in all. 
With as much exposure and talent that Arthur Yoria has, it was a shock to find out that he had agreed to play at Lizard's!
I am glad he did, though, because his live performance was amazing! His voice sounds just as rich and affective live as it does on a recording, and his one-man show is a very unique performance. 
(This crappy pic does not do Arthur Yoria justice... he was making all the ladies—and George—swoon with his music and good looks)

Arthur Yoria was nice enough to bring with him a box full of CDs that he gave away to the guests for free. I have listened to it several times since Friday night, and I am still not tired of it. I will be purchasing more of his music in the VERY near future. My favorite song of the night was “He Said, She said, We Said”.

You can listened to his music and see some of his music videos by clicking HERE.
Arthur Yoria brought along a surprise guest with him to Huntsville—one of his best friend’s, Kendall Klay. Kendall Klay also performed. Kendall Klay was louder and rougher around the edges in personality compared Yoria, but their different temperaments complimented each other quite nicely. He was confident on stage, and his rendition of The Talking Head’s "Psycho Killer Attack " was a crowd favorite. If you missed Kendall Klay’s guest appearance, you can check out his music by clicking HERE   

(My new favorite "psycho killer," Kendall Klay)

I enjoyed both of their performances as well as hanging out with them after the show. Kendall is hilarious and Arthur Yoria is very humble and polite—even with his success. I hope they come back to Huntsville in the near future and perform to an even bigger crowd!

Visit our Facebook PAGE to see more pictures from last Friday's show that does neither of these two guys justice.

Also, thank you, Arthur Yoria, for singing the lovely Michelle Mullan a very "Happy Birthday," despite that being your least favorite song.

(Picture of the lovely Michelle Mullan along with a lovable creep)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Byrd and Street with Drew Lopenzina Opening: August 20th at the Thoreau Woods Coffee House

Byrd and Street with Drew Lopenzina opening
Saturday, August 20th
7:00pm - 10:00pm

(Byrd & Street: Tommy Byrd and Kathy Street. Picture taken from their official Facebook page)

This Saturday, 2011 New Folk Finalist at the Kerrville Folk Festival, Byrd & Street, will be performing in Huntsville, Texas! Byrd & Street are three time Regional Winners of the Kerrville Folk Festival and in 2009, this duo was also nominated for a Texas Music Award for Outstanding Vocal Duo. Click HERE to get a taste of their sound.

About Tommy Byrd:
Tommy Byrd was inspired to purchase a guitar and start writing songs after seeing The Beatles in concert. He has been in multiple bands, including the River City Street band, which made two albums, a few concerts, and even became known in Japan.  Tommy Byrd next played with the Geezinslaw Brothers for several years and is also on Willie Nelson’s album, The Sound in Your Mind. He has worked with many talented musicians and has been the winner of a number of song writing contests and awards both before and after joining Byrd & Street. He set up his own home recording studio and loves to boast that "some of [his] songs have been rejected by the biggest names in country music!"

About Kathy Street:
Dishes, as she wrote when she was nine with her sister, make her sick, but Kathy Street has always loved music. She formed the band, The Wendell Sisters, with three of her five sisters, and also performed in the jazz duo, Stotch Mist. Kathy Street was referred to Tommy Byrd’s studio, and it was there that they met and immediately realized that they made the perfect harmonic duo.

Kathy Street and Tommy Byrd are successful musicians, but they are also talented artists. Check out their artwork for yourself by visiting their website found HERE.

Drew Lopenzina will be opening the show on Saturday. Some, may already know Drew Lopenzina as the English Professor at Sam Houston State University who knows everything about early American Literature. Drew Lopenzina is a man of many talents. Not only can he tell you exactly why Samson Occum is not pictured on the one hundred dollar bill, but he is also known for being a traveling singer-song writer who specializes in Folk-Rock & Roll music.

(Drew Lopenzina IS, in fact, as cool as this photo suggests)
The Thoreau Woods Coffee House boasts a family friendly environment that is quickly becoming a popular Huntsville venue and hangout spot for acoustic singer-songwriters. This venue is nonprofit, but donations are encouraged.  All proceeds, after expenses, are used to benefit the Thoreau Woods Unitarian Universalist Church. RSVP on the Facebook page HERE.

Thoreau Woods Unitarian Universalist Church
144 E. Mosley Lane, Huntsville TX 77340.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

City of Huntsville seeking "Music in the Park" Talent

Are you in a band or know about one that is looking for places to perform in Huntsville?

The City of Huntsville is currently looking for local bands for its upcoming "Music in the Park" series. The City of Huntsville attempted to start the "Music in the Park" series during the summer but decided to push it back until September 15th due to the hotter than normal temperatures this summer has brought. Hopefully, the weather will not get in the way for the September 15th start date. This series will take place every Thursday from that start date until November 17th from 6:00pm until 8:00pm. 

The possible locations include the following:
  • Rather Park
  • Jane Monday Amphitheater
  • Sam Houston Statue Amphitheater 
  • Kate Barr Ross Park
All local artists or bands who are interested in being booked should contact Kimm Thomas at 936-295-5932. Call as soon as possible before all of the dates that are still available are filled by other local artists and groups! Don't be lazy and miss out on this great and most likely easy to book opportunity! 
There are a lot of great bands in this town, and so the "Music in the Park" series will hopefully be very entertaining and feature many talented local artists!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rave for the Cure 2011

A Charity Music Festival
August 27th from 4:00pm until 11:00pm
Open to EVERYONE! Buy tickets HERE!

(official Rave for the Cure Flier)

As a part of Welcome Week, SHSU is hosting Rave for the Cure 2011! However, this event is not exclusive to SHSU students. ANYONE is welcome to purchase a ticket, and all proceeds and donations are going to be donated to the American Cancer Society.

The headliner for this event is still TBA, but there are already several DJ’s from all over Texas lined up to bring Huntsville the finest in house, electro, dubstep and trance music around!
Some of the DJ’s lined up include Sno White, DJ Kruz, DJ Lullaby, DJ Tokin vs. DJ. Sticky, special performance by Ennovi and MANY MORE! Check out the official WEBSITE and Facebook PAGE  for the full list of performers. I don't know anything about any of these performers, but they have the coolest names. More names are still being added to the list.

This is going to be a HUGE event that will include two stages of music, a Vender Alley, a Laser and Lights show, along with several other activities and competitions. There is also a pre-party and after party that is still in the planning stages! We will report more as soon as this information is announced!

The Facebook page mentions an Early Bird ticket price of $5.00, but the website only lists the $10.00 General Admission price so the early bird price might have already flown by. However, since this IS for charity, $10.00 is definitely not too high of a donation to make. We hope to see you at this event! =)

Open Mic Every Thursday at DoubleDave's!

Open Mic Night with Jarrod Sterrett

DoubleDave’s Pizza Works

Every Thursday from 7pm -10pm

Open Mic at DoubleDave's took a break for a couple of weeks, but it is starting back up on Thursday, August 11th! The Open Mic host is still Jarrod Sterrett!  If you are a fan of Jarrod Sterrett, then this would be a great time to watch him perform. If you are interested in being the star yourself, then show up and perform a set! This Open Mic is not just for musicians, but it is also for comedians, poets, jugglers, hypnotists, ventriloquists... whatever act you can think of (keeping in mind that this is a family establishment).

Click HERE to see who is already planning to be there and RSVP today! If you can’t make it this week then check it out next Thursday! Open Mic will have a three week trial run before becoming a permanent weekly event!

Also, don’t forget about karaoke every Tuesday and Friday with Variety Sounds! It's a Hey, Huntsville favorite hot spot!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Arthur Yoria LIVE at Lizard's (Fri., August 19)

On Friday, August 19, Arthur Yoria will be coming to Huntsville! The show starts at 10pm, and it will be at Lizard's (1231 Josey). Tune in to 90.5 The Kat (the campus radio station) to hear a song or two - or call in to request it. They have a CD! 

Singer/songwriter Arthur Yoria has had songs placed on TV shows (The OC, Felicity, Camp Jim, and Laguna Beach) and on major films (National Lampoon's Adam and Eve and Breaking Dawn). He has also had songs used in commercials for Domino's Pizza, Arizona Jeans, and Zig Zag. 

You can check out his website here:​/

Be sure to join the Facebook event page here: Click me!