Saturday, July 16, 2011

Aftermath: The Sweetsops at Lizards!

It was Beatlemania last night at Lizard’s!

Previously known as The Dellciples, currently known as The Sweetsops, and soon to be known as something else, The Sweetsops are a group of very talented musicians who together know how to rock The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and a variety of other artists that the crowd—okay mostly Ray and I—shouted for them to play. The keyboardist and singer, Jimmy Dell, even knew a little Jem and that is TRULY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

Admittedly, the crowd was skeptical before they went on. The Lizard’s crowd is a brutally honest bunch and is not easily impressed—especially by a band claiming to be able to handle the task of tackling The Beatles.

I had faith in my friend and Robert Pattinson’s best friend one night in Houston, Shane Burke, who helped to bring the band to Huntsville, but no one else did... that is until they began playing.  I exaggerate my excitement and love for things quite often, but with ZERO exaggeration I would like it to be known that The Sweetsops are the BEST band I’ve ever seen play in Huntsville, Texas.

(REAL picture that I am not ashamed of stealing since every other media outlet already did it first! So jealous!)

It is hard for me to write about bands, because I’m not exactly musically educated, and I can’t even pretend to know what I am talking about when it comes to beats being on or off, tempo, chords, and so on. I judge music by whether or not my ears enjoy what they are hearing. Last night, they definitely enjoyed what they heard—two ears up from me!

I was definitely NOT the only who enjoyed them, though.  People who came in for the pool and not for the band, quit playing and got closer to the stage to listen. Couples were dancing and EVERYONE was having a good time last night.

(The Band)

(The fans)

Check out our Hey, Huntsville Facebook page for many more pics from last nights show. If you missed it last night, rest assured they WILL be back to Huntsville in the near future, and maybe we will get some raptastic beats from Texass! 

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