Monday, August 22, 2011

Aftermath: Arthur Yoria at Lizard's (08/19/11)

Bilingual singer-songwriter, Arthur Yoria, performed at Lizard’s last Friday!

You may have heard his music on TV shows like The OC, Felicity, or Laguna Beach, or in major films such as National Lampoon’s Adam and Eve or Breaking Dawn. His songs have also been heard in several commercials. He has performed all over the country, various places in Europe, and even in his parent’s home country, Columbia.   

His music and lyrics are both catchy and clever. I could quote almost all of his songs to prove this point… but I won’t be doing that. =)

I did, however, especially enjoy the lyrics to the song “I Pretend” from his 2003 album, I’ll Be Here Awake. This song begins as follows:
I begin As you come in
It seems as though there's
Something wrong again
In the room
And on the bed
Somehow it tasted sweeter in my head

I can't explain myself tonight
But if you've seen my type around
To waste your time with them
Don't cry,
I'll pretend.

There was something about the cynicism and honesty in these lyrics that I really liked. Arthur Yoria has a lot of songs, and as I listened to them I continued to be stimulated by the lyrics in various ways. He began releasing EP’s and albums starting in 2001, and so far, there is a combination of nine in all. 
With as much exposure and talent that Arthur Yoria has, it was a shock to find out that he had agreed to play at Lizard's!
I am glad he did, though, because his live performance was amazing! His voice sounds just as rich and affective live as it does on a recording, and his one-man show is a very unique performance. 
(This crappy pic does not do Arthur Yoria justice... he was making all the ladies—and George—swoon with his music and good looks)

Arthur Yoria was nice enough to bring with him a box full of CDs that he gave away to the guests for free. I have listened to it several times since Friday night, and I am still not tired of it. I will be purchasing more of his music in the VERY near future. My favorite song of the night was “He Said, She said, We Said”.

You can listened to his music and see some of his music videos by clicking HERE.
Arthur Yoria brought along a surprise guest with him to Huntsville—one of his best friend’s, Kendall Klay. Kendall Klay also performed. Kendall Klay was louder and rougher around the edges in personality compared Yoria, but their different temperaments complimented each other quite nicely. He was confident on stage, and his rendition of The Talking Head’s "Psycho Killer Attack " was a crowd favorite. If you missed Kendall Klay’s guest appearance, you can check out his music by clicking HERE   

(My new favorite "psycho killer," Kendall Klay)

I enjoyed both of their performances as well as hanging out with them after the show. Kendall is hilarious and Arthur Yoria is very humble and polite—even with his success. I hope they come back to Huntsville in the near future and perform to an even bigger crowd!

Visit our Facebook PAGE to see more pictures from last Friday's show that does neither of these two guys justice.

Also, thank you, Arthur Yoria, for singing the lovely Michelle Mullan a very "Happy Birthday," despite that being your least favorite song.

(Picture of the lovely Michelle Mullan along with a lovable creep)

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