Thursday, February 23, 2012

Light Festival (Fri., Feb. 24)

Event: Light Festival
Date: February 24, 2012 starting at 5:00pm
Location: 1212 Avenue M (the pavilion behind City Hall)

This Friday, the entire community is invited to the pavilion behind City Hall for the Light Festival - a celebration of music, art, and energy. There will be several artists and musicians gathered to share their art and music. Anyone who wants to share their art or music is encouraged to do so, but even without sharing, everyone is welcome to this event. 

People are encouraged to bring any instruments they wish - harmonicas, tambourines, drums, guitars, cowbells, etc. There will also be a few bands, such as The Gypsy Davies, performing.

Snagged from their Facebook page.

Jahworks Radio will record and rebroadcast anyone who is interested in being recorded while performing at this event.

There will also be a hula hoop contest (with prizes) and a drum circle.

Bring your art, instrument(s), and/or hula hoop to the pavilion on Friday to share and experience the art and talents of the Huntsville community.

Click HERE to see the Facebook page for this event.

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