Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Barstool BS: Lizard’s Open Mic host leaving?

While sitting at the Lizards bar last night, we couldn’t help but overhear a couple of regulars talking about the fate of Open Mic. The rumor they were discussing was that the long time host, Jarrod Sterret, would be moving his Open Mic to College Station in order to make more dineros. Looking around the quiet bar, it was easy to see this rumor being a fact.
Not satisfied with rumors, we asked Jarrod directly if this was true.
According to Jarrod, it is not true. HOWEVER, there is the possibility of him expanding his services to College Station and Houston. There are currently no confirmed venues, but College Station would be “lucky” to have Jarrod Sterret and his Open Mic team.
In related news, did you know that Open Mic on Tuesdays is now including karaoke? This is great news for the singing impaired who are unable to belt out a song without the words on the screen—but who still have the desire to be a star. Their catalogue of songs is currently limited, but they are constantly expanding and will take suggestions from the crowd to add to their list for the following week. 
Next week they better have some Journey and Lucky by Britney Spears!


  1. Actually, if you were truly a Jarrod Sterret fan then 1) you would have spelled his name correctly and 2) you would know that he's actually playing a pretty big gig next month in CONROE not CS. If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger then you're gonna need to do better homework and get your facts straight. This psuedo-journalism ain't gonna fly, Sweetheart.

  2. Thank you for the information about the spelling of Jarrod's name.It has now been modified.

    We would be more than happy to feature information about his next gig in Conroe on this blog. However, this update is not about his next gig--it is about the possibility of his open mic night expanding to locations outside of Lizards.