Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spotlight: Educated Minds at Fatboys

On Thursday, April 21, 2011, I had the pleasure of attending the Educated Minds Album release Concert at Fatboys.
Educated Minds began their sound check to an almost empty room at about 7:30pm, but the deck and inside were filled when they officially began their set at 8:00pm.  

The group consists of three members—Hubert Jones (my “grandbaby” and former Hastings minion), Desmond (fellow anime fan), and Derrick Woodley Jr. (D-Dubb)—with a little help with sound and set-up from Resard Westmoreland (Shart for short). It is obvious while watching this group perform that they enjoy working together. This trio has great chemistry, and the benefit of the live concert was discovering that not only does this group produce some excellent rap/R&B songs, but they are also improv comedians in between songs.       

Another thing of note is that Fatboys is a good venue for bands searching for a place to perform, because they now open the glass doors allowing for more seating options. The outside patio is big enough that it doesn’t feel completely crowded even when there is a crowd, and it has both tables and couches which create a very comfortable environment. Plus, it is near the campus and other restaurants. There were many people walking by who stopped to listen to Educated Minds performance from the street.  The only downside for that night in particular was that their cooler was broken so their drink options were very limited, but their cheeseburgers and hot wings were both tasty and affordable, and the waitress was very friendly.

If you missed out on Educated Minds performance last Thursday, DON’T PANIC—they may live in San Marcos now, but they are usually back every six to eight weeks for another live concert. This was also the first stop of their Sensual Chocolate Tour, and so they will be playing in many cities near Huntsville in between that time.
Click here to get a taste of their music and more information about their upcoming concerts.
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