Friday, October 28, 2011

Annual Shenanigans Halloween Contest (Oct. 29th)

Annual Halloween Contest
Saturday, October 29th 9:00pm -2:00am

Big surprise! Once again, Shenanigans is competing with The Jolly Fox. They will also be having a Halloween Contest, but they are giving away $3,000 instead of $2,000! Maybe The Jolly Fox will see that and match or raise their contest prize money in response. Hopefully, they will keep up the rivalry, because that will mean more MONEY IN THE BANK for some snazzy dressers!

Also, if you go to Shenanigans and wear a costume, then you you will get in for free. They will also have $0.75 wells and dollar longnecks until 11:00am. There will be be drink specials all night long!

It will be a tough choice planning where to party hard this weekend! Be safe wherever you end up! Also, I hope you already have a costume, because stores are running of the good costumes. At least in town. Some are even out of cat ears!

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