Friday, October 14, 2011

White Collar Sideshow with Levi the Poet Opening (Oct. 14th)

White Collar Sideshow with Levi the Poet Opening
October 14th, 2011 from 8:00pm until 11:00pm
Avenue L Coffeehouse
1215 Sam Houston Avenue
Huntsville, TX 77340
Cost: $5.00
 (Promotional Photo borrowed from their website)

Avenue L has another awesome show in the works tonight. Starting at 8:00pm, Levi the Poet will be opening for White Collar Slideshow.

I have never heard of these performers until now, but I just watched THIS YouTube video of White Collar Sideshow and I suggest you check it out. I don't know what is up with the pig mask, but it definitely looks like they know how to put on an awesome live show! HERE is their official website.

 Click HERE to learn more about Levi the Poet.

From his MySpace page:
"As a spoken-word poet from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Levi the Poet has spent the last year building up his concert reputation as one of the most honest expressions of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Reaching beyond any sort of genre limitations that “performance poetry” might hold, Levi has incorporated every vocal influence into his presentation, successfully molding each variety into a purely emotive experience, and holds tight to an unrestrained honesty within his “hold nothing back” method of examining life’s deepest questions. Through a heavily testimonial written approach and an intense slam-esque deliverance, Levi has taken an old art and stylized it as his own, creating a passionate art form which captures the relative-yet-relatable longings of the human heart."

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