Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crazy Small Town Coincidences-The Circle of the Boxes

The following story is an example of one of the many strange coincidences that can happen when you live in a small town (WARNING: I may be the only one amused by this situation):
I am currently moving from one apartment to another in Huntsville—for about the millionth time—and my future roommate, Derrick, offered to give me boxes that his mom gave him for the big move. I picked the boxes up from him last night, and then I met another friend, Jason, for a late night walk on the track.
While I was tying my shoes, Jason peeked into the window and said, “Hey! We have that same kind of boxes at work!” It took us only a minute longer to realize that the boxes in my backseat were the SAME ones that he had given to his co-worker—Derrick’s mother. UNTIL THAT VERY MOMENT, neither of us had even known that the other was in any way connected to Derrick! Jason had been collecting boxes for Derrick’s mother, Derrick’s mother gave them to Derrick, Derrick gave them to me, and then I met with Jason WITH THE BOXES IN MY BACK SEAT.

What is even stranger, is that I usually get my moving boxes from Jason and his second place of employment ANYWAY!
It is this kind of random string of coincidences that make me love living in Huntsville, and again, I am probably the only one who finds this amusing! =)

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