Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday Night: Double Dave's with Variety Sounds, Lizard's, and Time Out!

Last night was “Twisted Tuesday” at Double Dave’s with Variety Sounds, and we had one heck of a good time!
Starting at 7:00pm and lasting until 10:00pm, Double Dave’s had discounted All You Can Eat pizza rolls ($5.00 for the ladies and $6.00 for the men) with your first drink for free and drink specials until close. There was also karaoke hosted by Variety Sounds. By 7:30pm, almost all of the seats were filled, and it was obvious from the crowds singing that everyone had a great time last night.
Variety Sounds has over 10,000 songs to choose from, and they get bonus points for sharing my love for 80s classic rock!
We took pictures and video of last night’s festivities. Unfortunately, it was the first test of my new camera’s video feature, and it failed miserably (or I did). The sound on the camera couldn’t handle the speakers, and so everyone sounds like they are singing into an extremely old CB radio.
Therefore, the video that I have did everyone a great disservice—except for the video of me, which was greatly improved by the muffling of my terrible singing voice. The video is having trouble loading, but I am going to keep trying to get it posted.
These boys melted my heart with their terrific performance of Achy Breaky Heart:

This random stranger knew how to really strike a pose while singing:

This guy was the best/most enthusiastic dancer I have ever seen in my entire life. I wish I had figured out how to use the video feature sooner, because no sound is required to enjoy his mad skills!

Don’t be too disappointed if you missed “Twisted Tuesday”! Variety Sounds will be back at Double Dave’s this Friday at the same time and with the same great discounts. I am going to have to make it to the gym tonight for sure, or else I am going to starting looking like a giant pizza roll after all of the good food I have been eating lately!
After Double Dave’s, we headed over to Lizards for a bit to check out the last Open Mic Night with Jarrod Sterrett. We watched Jarrod perform, and it was great. We wish him great success with his future projects.
We left Lizard’s early, because we were still in the mood for karaoke, and so we headed over to Time Out. The crowd was small since it was Tuesday, but it was still a fun time. Sunday and Monday are the best nights to go if you are serious about your karaoke--cash prize to the best singer!
These two strangers definitely sang like they were in love. If I DID know them, they would probably be my second all time favorite couple:

Did you know that Dancing Debbie also knows how to sing?

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