Friday, May 13, 2011

End of Finals Bash--Jolly Fox and One Legged Crow

Now, even though I have lived in Huntsville for over seven years, I have only been to The Jolly Fox once and never to the One Legged Crow. That is because I am admittedly a bit of a nerd and a bore, and I have always considered those bars to be a bit too much of the “Frat Pack” scene for my taste. However, since we are now covering the Huntsville night life, I am now using this as a reason to broaden my outlook and visit places that I would not normally visit. The Jolly Fox and the One Legged Crow are popular enough to NOT need our free publicity, but I still wanted to check it out for myself anyway.

So, even though I feel two years too old for The Jolly Fox and One Legged Crow, I made my way there with several friends, and I was pleasantly surprised. Any place with shuffleboard and darts is immediately cool in my book, and I feel cheated that no one ever informed me of this before.  

Last night was their “End of Finals Bash,” and it had cheap drinks (I enjoyed the orange Sky vodka with Sprite), live music, and hip hop DJ B.J Kalido. The One Legged Crow had acoustic artists Glen Paulk and Clayton Gardner, and they were good! They were probably also wondering about the creeper who was taking pictures of them. HINT: It was me.

Glen Paulk:

Clayton Gardner:

Overall all, it was a fun night, and I wasn’t the oldest girl in the bar. I met some very rad grandmothers who were apparently kicked out of The Stardust Room for being too awesome. I was not surprised—the Stardust Room is notorious for kicking out people for knowing how to have a good time.

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